Friday, February 25, 2011

Saving your Dollars

SAVED $55.00 at Harris Teeter

SPENT $35.00 SAVED $55.00

This week I went back to Harris Teeter to finish my SUPER DOUBLES adventure.  This is my second strike. 
During my first strike last week, I saved $80.00.

A few of the Super Harris Teeter Deals:  

Presented 17 coupons in value from .50 to 1.50 - all doubled.

Purina Cat Chow - .78, Welch's Grape Juice - $1.00, V8 Soup - .89, Marzetti's Slaw Dressing - .69, Case LaCroix Seltzer - 3.49, 7th Generation Cleaner - .49, Almond Milk - .50.

FREE - Edward Sundae Frozen Pie, Yogurt Raisins, Pancake Mix, 7th Generation Papertowels, Philly Cooking Sauce, Mariani Yogurt Raisins.

This week I used coupons ranging from .50 - 1.50.  Harris Teeter will double up to 1.98 so a 150 coupon really gives you 3.00 off.  WOW.

I love hearing about your grocery deals - leave a comment!

You now can get Cream Cheese from Philadelphia Brand to use in cooking.  I mean really now - are we so lazy that we can not mix in a bar of cream cheese with say some real garlic to that dish?  It's something I purchased just because it was FREE. 
I tried it today and actually it worked pretty darn well. 
I made some Short Cut Pasta - Dumped together left over pasta, a little V8 Tomato Soup, and a spoon of Garlic flavored Philly Cooking Cheese.  Heated in the microwave and then topped w/shredded cheese. 
It was convenient I'll have to say and it was GOOD. 
Just add me to the LAZY LAZY category.


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