Thursday, April 16, 2015

Etsy Stock IPO today, becomes a Publicly Traded Company

Vintage Iron from my shop.
YES, I am an Etsy seller and have been since 2010. Today my boss becomes a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange.

News so far... The pre-stock IPO buy price was $16.00 and it has just hit the market for public buying at $31.00 and is currently trading at $34.40.

There is a lot of talk among shop owners as to if Etsy can remain a hub for small business owners. Etsy opened the door to manufacturing (with restrictions) last year and it was not an easy pill to swallow for small business owners, especially handcrafted goods sellers.

Cute vintage purse in my shop.
I sell vintage on Etsy in two shops, and, consigning many of my items for friends and family. I also sell on Ebay.

Want to get in on the excitement, here is a bit of how today began for Etsy.

The stock is rising, is it time to jump in? Time will tell.

1970's Necklace - never worn - in my vintage shop.
Founded in Brooklyn in 2005, Etsy is a hipster online marketplace that sells, handmade, vintage, and supplies. Having over 1 million sellers and 20 million buyers selling 26 million items. Come join in on the fun, check out Etsy.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Maple (foreground), Forsythia Hedge in back.
It's that time of year when the Forsythia is in full raging bloom. Shockingly yellow, this plant adds so much color to the Spring landscape. It's a plant that I would probably not seek out to plant but I acquired it when we moved into our house.

Because of all the Forsythia on our property, I named it appropriately Forsythia Hill. I can see Forsythia out of every window in our house!

New little sprinkling (foreground), established (background).
I have started a few new areas of Forsythia to add a backdrop to my shrub border. I'm creating a mass of shrubs beside our driveway to serve as a buffer to street noise and to provide cover for the birds. Various shrubs have been placed in a mass with a hedge row of native Red Cedar behind. Along side is a wavy sprinkling of Forsythia.  Shrubs include, native Viburnum, Dogwood, Crabapple, Clerodendrum, Lilac, Coralberry, and Carycarpis.

Biggest clump, home to the Mockingbird.
I try to incorporate fruiting natives into my landscape every chance I get. Forsythia is not native to the US, the the vast majority of varieties are native to Asia. It does not provide fruit for the birds but it does create a lot of excitement in the Spring. There is always a Mockingbird trying to defend its Forsythia hedge and plenty of wildlife such as a Fox, Frog, or Ratsnake finding cover.

Viburnum blossom
My personal favorite shrub is Viburnum. Currently, I have planted Hobble Bush, Maple-leaf, and Arrowwood varieties but am always looking to incorporate more. It's a wonderful plant providing color, fragrance, and food and cover for wildlife.

My one tip about Forsythia is to keep it natural and do not clip it into a rigid square box hedge. It will destroy the light sprinkling effect and kill the drama and "messy hair day" flow of this wild shrub. Give it lots of room to romp and it will be appreciated, otherwise it can be a nuisance as the ends "root tip" and wander.

A good ex of how to use Forsythia, on a slope in mass.
Yellow is starting to fade and is being replaced by pinks and reds! The pink Dogwood and Maples have been beautiful this year.

Get out and enjoy SPRING! There is so much to see.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Historic Garden Week in Virginia 2015

Ashland Tour 2012
In Spring I look forward to reading the Garden Club of Virginia's Historic Garden Week tour book. Details are also published online as well as in print. This year the tour is held April 18th - 25th and proceeds benefit the restoration of historic gardens in Virginia. The book is quite lengthy at 265 pages and features 31 different tour areas throughout our state. To get your grubby little gardening hands on "the book", the Garden Club has published a list of where to pick up a copy. Visit the Historic Garden Week Facebook page for a chance to win free tickets and up to the minute details about specific tour sites!

Richmond Tour 2013
Each year I publish my top picks for touring and I do focus on locations within 2 hours driving distance from my home in Charlottesville. I also lean toward tours that focus on gardens verses home interiors and those that are quaint neighborhood walking tours. The guide book has a coding system which points out these important features. 
Lexington Tour 2014
A little spot of tea or cookie break is often included on many of the tours as is the option to purchase a lunch. I recommend that you BYO snacks as there are plenty of opportunities to take a break in a lovely garden along the tour. Check out a local restaurant at the end of the tour day.

Monticello Tour 2014 the Tulips loved the rain!

Charlottesville will feature homes, gardens, and public grounds the 18th - 21st. Visit estates located on the West side of town boasting breathtaking mountain views. The UVA Pavilion Gardens will be open to the public on the 21st, located on the backside of The Lawn in the Academical Village. On the 20th, Monticello will be presenting their newest restoration project, the Kitchen Road (pre-register). I always take advantage of a free grounds snooping as it is seldom offered!

Flower arrangements abound, Ashland Tour 2012
In 2012 I toured Ashland and found it to be a charming town. One home on this year's tour, on the 18th, has "one of the largest Magnolia trees in Virginia". Several homes are located on large swaths of land, some prior plantations. Front Royal, on the 25th, stands out as the Eco Tour. One home diverts excess attic heat to the swimming pool heating system. A timber frame home and barn with geothermal heating are surrounded by the "colors and scents of 5,000 perennials" creating a native Botanical Garden. A historic church and Civil War Museum are also on the tour and many of the properties have connections to Civil War history.

Richmond Tour 2013
If you are interested in visiting plantations the James River tour, 19th - 21st, is full of fabulous estates featuring mansions built in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Leesburg tour, 19th - 20th, is steeped in history and coincides with the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival (an added bonus). On the 18th, Orange County is opening Springfields which is on the National Register of Historic Places. The formal gardens sound impressive featuring over 500 David Austin rose shrubs and 300 hydrangeas! The Barboursville Vineyards will be open as are the interesting ruins that are a similar design to Monticello. Petersburg was nearly wiped off the map 25 years ago when Hurricane Hugo hit. I saw the aftermath and wondered if it was gone forever. On the 21st, you can go back and see that this town has mended and many of the gardens have new plantings. Centre Hill Mansion is noted as a film location for several historic films and even a ghost watch! One home has a water garden designed in the likeness of Monet's in Giverny, France.

Garden Club of Virginia Headquarters in Richmond
Richmond (the headquarters of the Garden Club of Virginia), is offering three different tours between the 22nd - 24th. The Hermitage Road area tour features homes from the early 1900's in many different styles; Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Queen Anne. The Executive Mansion will be open as well as the restored gardens that were funded with proceeds from Historic Garden Week. On day three, The Cary Street tour is mainly a walking tour in this vibrant district. Acres and acres of park like gardens are open as are several other gardens designed by famed Charles Gillette.

Richmond Tour 2013
In Richmond, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Sculpture Garden will be open all three days (free) with a special exhibition of Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse, The Art of the Flower (additional fee). The Tuckahoe Plantation gardens will be open all three days and will offer plants for purchase. The gardens at the Wilton House Museum will be open which were restored using proceeds from Historic Garden Week. It is also recommended to visit the Edgar Allan Poe Museum garden which was also restored with funding from Historic Garden Week. If you still have time remaining after the main stops, visit the stunning Kent-Valentine Mansion which is the Headquarters of the Garden Club of Virginia or Maymont.

The Cary Street tour does happen to be on my birthday and Virginia Arbor Day so it probably will be my selection. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than strolling around gardens and homes in beautiful Richmond Virginia.


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