Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stardreamer Daylily Farm

Yesterday the Gardening Group of the Newcomers Club of Greater Charlottesville visited the gardens of Daylily collectors, Carol and Dave Sarginger. 

Stardreamer Daylilies is located in Ruckersville, Virginia just north of Charlottesville.  Tucked at the edge of the woods in a rural neighborhood and surrounding a horse pasture is an explosion of over 1,500 colorful Daylily varieties.

Carol digs up a generous portion.
Carol conducted an interesting discussion about her recent experimentation with hybridizing Daylilies and her years of cultivation and love for this plant.  Afterwards, we each headed out with our Daylily inventory price list to examine and select our favorite Daylilies.  The internet provides an easy way to purchase plants but it was so much more enjoyable to roam Carols gardens and rank your top varieties.  Carol owns what I call a "point and dig" (you point and she digs).  At one time I nearly opened such an operation but life interrupted that path (something, oh I don't know, like a JOB).  I was one of the last gardeners to leave, enjoying watching what each person selected and helping Carol a little with check out. 

Neon Flamingo, for the collector, $150.00.
Given there are 1,500 varieties to choose from, several of us toiled over which varieties we liked the best and should purchase.  In my final evaluation, I wanted a double variety but I also wanted a color that was different than the Daylilies that I already have... so.... you can never buy just one... I really had no business buying more plants... but once you get there and see all the possibilities you HAVE to buy at least one... I had my mind set to NOT BUY ANY MORE PLANTS... but what the hell... you most likely only live once... so, IN THE END... I selected a dwarf double multicolor called Two to Tango and a delicate single lavender, Moonlight Orchid.  Both are now planted in my garden right below one of my rose trellis posts and are actually blooming.

My little floriferous Two to Tango
Daylily prices range from $5.00 for some of the darling dwarf varieties and up to $250.00 for some of the rare and "knock your socks off" varieties. The marjority are priced around $10.00 - $20.00 and I always like supporting a local fellow plant lover (and it doesn't hurt that she is a Trekkie). It's is obvious Daylilies are Carol's passion as she has collected them since a teenager.  If you are in the area, this is a must Summer stop for any plant lover.  Their gardens are open on a "catch them if home" basis or by prior arrangement.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Why I Love Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter Double coupon week is in full swing.  I had just left the store with my savings of $50.00 and was strolling down the Barracks Road parking lot "hill" and I completely forgot about the 12 pack of LaCroix Grapefruit Sparkling Water in the bottom of my cart. 

Because of the slope of the parking lot, the entire box shot out of my cart and cans exploded and rolled down the hill in all sorts of directions.  Shoppers began chasing my cans and politely asked if I wanted the exploding cans thrown away.  Very soon a Teeter manager ran down the lot in the 98 degree heat and told me to just keep what was left and he would grab me a new box.

He quickly trotted inside and did just that.  I ended up with a new box and was able to give a few of the "intact" cans to some of the remaining kids that had helped.

I love my Teeter and now even more!  Great deals, tidy store, nice staff and managers.

THANKS TEETER for making my day... and Thanks to the kind shoppers for helping.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's a Girl To Do

FRIDAY - June 8

9 PM - 11 PM - FREE - Look3 - Charlottesville Festival of the Photograph.  20 artists will showcase new and exciting work in a huge projection at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion.

Go early and check out the beautiful photography installments in and around the Downtown Mall.


9 AM - Noon - $5.00 - The wonderful Piedmont Master Gardeners seasonal series, Through the Garden Gate is in Ivy.  A woodland garden tour.   Occurring the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9 - noon, hosted at a different garden each month. Hands down, this is my favorite Charlottesville area annual garden tour event. 

All day - Various loctions - FREE - Last day of the Charlottesville Festival of the Photograph, Look3 but many gallery installments will remain until later. 
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