Friday, June 22, 2012

Why I Love Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter Double coupon week is in full swing.  I had just left the store with my savings of $50.00 and was strolling down the Barracks Road parking lot "hill" and I completely forgot about the 12 pack of LaCroix Grapefruit Sparkling Water in the bottom of my cart. 

Because of the slope of the parking lot, the entire box shot out of my cart and cans exploded and rolled down the hill in all sorts of directions.  Shoppers began chasing my cans and politely asked if I wanted the exploding cans thrown away.  Very soon a Teeter manager ran down the lot in the 98 degree heat and told me to just keep what was left and he would grab me a new box.

He quickly trotted inside and did just that.  I ended up with a new box and was able to give a few of the "intact" cans to some of the remaining kids that had helped.

I love my Teeter and now even more!  Great deals, tidy store, nice staff and managers.

THANKS TEETER for making my day... and Thanks to the kind shoppers for helping.


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