Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Good Reasons to Buy Vintage

1950's Princess Robe in my Etsy shop.
Selling vintage is a wonderful way to recycle. Perfectly good items can be diverted them from the landfill. It's shocking for me to think of all the things we've thrown away simply because they became unfashionable. Thrifting is super hot and the hunt is part of the appeal.

Big Wrought Iron Candle Holder in my shop.
intage is HOT
- beyond HOT! Trend setters always try to be unique. Thousands of styles are mass produced, leaving little room to stand out. Vintage continues to be on trend.

Super cool 1950s Royal Copley Poodle Planter Vase in my shop.
Designer Pierre Cardin Wallet in my shop.
Vintage is collectible. In all forms of media, vintage being picked, sold, thrifted, or collected. There are numerous TV shows revolving around vintage discoveries.  It's usually a good investment - how many times have you wished you would not have tossed out an item that is now being shown on a collectible show!

Vintage is quality. Very often a vintage item is made of more substantial materials and will last longer than it's newer knockoff.  Many retailers are now offering updated versions of vintage, but it's just not the same and designer vintage can be found at bargain prices.

Vintage is interesting and is a historical snapshot of our past.  It's fun to buy and discover unique vintage items. I love vintage because of the sleuthing required for each piece.

In my nearly 5 years of selling vintage, I've found so many great finds and I am amazed how much more substantial products were made 20 years or more ago. BUILT TO LAST certainly held true.

Have a good find? I would love to hear about your treasure.


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