Monday, February 7, 2011

Lab Rats: Mosaic Monday...Love is in the air

My fellow Lab Rats Team has featured my sweet floral heart box in their Mosaic Monday (Item #7)

 -- check it out Lab Rats: Mosaic Monday...Love is in the air

1. WhiteThistleBridal 2. UniquelyEJewelry 3. Rolyzcreations 4.CardsBetweenFriends 5. SmithAndDaphne 6. hoganfe 7. Forsythia Hill
8. Jackthemanaboutthehouse


  1. Wowsa!! You're just having a grand week!! Congrats on the inclusion of your floral heart box in the Mosiac Monday treasury!!

    All The Best!

  2. Thank you NeverTooOld - I have no idea why I suddenly got lucky - may be it's time to buy that lotto ticket!!!!


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