Monday, February 14, 2011

Mickey Mouse in the House

Today I received a nice Valentine present in the mail.  Last week I won this cool vintage Mickey Mouse Watch from a contest run on the blog A Little Bit of Everything.

Courteney often runs online
contests for nice items found in online shops.  If you want to possibly win something go check it out!

My Mickey Mouse watch was provided by a fun Etsy seller, OnesNeverTooOld.  Dave's blog is really interesting and has a lot of links to other Etsy sellers. 

I thank him for sending me this really cool watch out of his treasured vintage stock!  Check out Dave's other vintage on Etsy.

FUN, FUN.  -Rebecca


  1. Thanks for the mention! The watch looks good on you.

  2. Thanks soo much and I agree with Courteney, the watch does look good on ya!!

    All The Best!


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