Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saving your Dollars

I think my couponing venture is finally panning out.  I'm stocked up on the must have items such as Toilet Paper, Paper Towels (that I try to use very infrequently), Dish and Laundry Soap, Almond Milk, Anthony's work lunch stuff, and my mega Oatmeal jug.  So this week was a light shopping week.
SAVED 100% of Purchase at Harris Teeter

SPENT $23.00 SAVED $23.00

A few of the Super Harris Teeter Deals:  

On Sale plus used Coupons:  Bag Cherry Tomatoes - $1.99, Smart Balance Peanut Butter - $1.00, Kraft Cheese Squares - .50, Log Cabin Natural Syrup - $2.99, Yogurt Dill Dip - $1.00, Bag Tuna - .25, French's Mustard - .50.

On Sale: Scratch and Dent Bag Potatoes - $1.00, Scratch and Dent Bag Organic Apples - $1.00, HT Refried Black Beans - .67, Healthy Can Dog Food - .94.

Don't forget to seek out your "bruised" fruit section.  Often, it's nothing serious but some stores are better than others and Teeters section is pretty darn good.

I hold off using most of my $1.00 and higher coupons (unless they are going to expire) until Harris Teeter Super Doubles week, which should happen in a month or so.  This week I did use coupons ranging from .50 - 1.00, some were .75 which I love getting.  Teeter will double up to .98 so a .75 coupon really gives you 1.50 off.


It seems each week I find some store oddity.  This week I discovered that Americans are now too lazy or incapable of cutting cheese! 
You can now buy little bags of cut cheese. 
There are 3 styles and all the major cheese brands are getting in on it. 

Apparently when you have a party you don't have the time to actually prepare for the event, so they do it for you.   

Perfect for hors d'oeuvres, you can buy small little slices or cubes or even smaller mini cubes (that looks kinda manhandled).  I would forgo the manhandled cubes "if" you can manage to figure out how to do it yourself!

Nothing says "Martha Stewart" better than a tray of factory square Cheese Cubes and Mini Carrots encircled around the plastic container of store bought Veggie Dip.  Ok, so I did buy some of that Dip as a curiosity but it was ON SALE.  -Rebecca

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