Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girl Power

It's funny how many women are programmed to seek out a man for help when moving large furniture, drilling, or assembling electronic equipment.  I'll have to admit, it is a lot easier to play confused and let a man handle it for you. 

TV mounted on wall, ugly wires for all to see.
A friend wanted her flat screen TV unmounted from the wall and tastefully tucked into a large pine cabinet.  Our trio decided to tackle the job with a little reward of going for vegan/veggie burgers with a side of sweet potato fries on the side.  I did seek help from my husband to guide me as to how to accomplish this task without destroying her lovely cabinet.  The proper tools were crucial, a drill and large paddle drill bit was required and some creative thinking.

Between the three of us we finally mastered the moving of the cabinet from a bedroom to the living room which ended up being the most difficult part.  We started with a dolly cart that was not wide enough for the base of the cabinet and was dangerously teetering back on me as we attempted to lower it to go under a doorway - NOT.  After near disaster and a sore shoulder and back, we put it in reverse and brainstormed.  We ended up putting the cabinet on its side and sliding it on the carpeting (a towel would be necessary if on hardwood) to our destination.  It was 100 times easier than on the teetering dolly and a lot less painful.

Once we checked our measurements before commencing drilling, we decided to go get burgers.  We went to Boylan Heights on the Corner.  I can still taste the Sweet Potato Fries - YUM.  Two thumbs up on the vegan and veggie burgers.  A nice time was had but work was calling so after charging our batteries we went back to complete our mission.

We successfully unscrewed the TV from the swing arm and detached the arm from the wall but we ran into a snag when we had no nut wrench to get the wall plate off.  So, we sadly had to call for MAN assistance from apartment maintenance.  Amazingly within minutes he arrived and got the plate off the wall and also helped us figure out how to attach the base on the flat screen TV which would have taken us the rest of the day to ponder. 

Speedy Peedy left before we could hit him up to push the cabinet into place (darn it) but we managed to hoist the cabinet toward the wall and the fun part of drilling began.

As you can see, the TV wires are now invisible and a very professional job was completed by three smart cookies (with a little burger and fries on the side). 



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