Friday, March 20, 2020

Things to do to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 coronavirus

Limited access, social distancing lines in parking lot.
Trader Joe's in Charlottesville, Virginia is doing it right. Limiting the number of customers in the store at one time, social distancing the wait lines outside the store and limiting like item purchases to two. Staff even wipes down your cart before you enter and there is a buzz of constant cleaning inside. I was glad to see staff wearing protective gloves.

Of course I would get Typhoid Mary immediately behind me who coughed, sneezed, and kept creeping up closer and closer to me in line. You are not going to get in the store any faster by crowding me! I do not want whatever you have, STAY AT HOME! NO ONE is wearing masks.

I'm a bit disgusted today by the lack of seriousness converning coronavirus in the United States. I called the home health care agency in Tennessee that my in-laws hire for what is deemed "non-medical" support (no medicine is dispensed, no diagnosis, no monitoring, etc.) They responded to my questioning with mixed information. First I was told they didn't send anyone out that was sick, then I was told they didn't send anyone out without a mask that is sick. I was later told they were not required to make their staff wear a mask because they were "non-medical".  I could only demand that they not send anyone to my in-laws that was sick!

We're fortunate to have fresh eggs!
Concerning online information, it's a mixed bag. There is a 19 hour lag time before the Virginia Department of Health reports numbers. We know there are four reported cases in Charlottesville and the current "health department" chart only reports one. There is a EPA published list of disinfectants that can be used to kill COVID-19. It's a bit technical but it looks like Ammonia, Bleach, and Hydrogen Peroxide all kill the virus on surfaces. We always used bleach at the animal shelter to kill canine parvovirus and other nasty germs. Mix chemicals according to the directions, making bleach "stronger" is not going to kill anything more. It is only going to irritate your nose!  Also let the counters, surfaces and dishes air dry because the chemicals do take time to "work". Drying plates with a rag only covers it with more contaminants!

Weekend project, ripping out carpet, installing LVP flooring.

Please also be careful what you click when online. As with any crisis, there are always those trying to make a buck from a bad situation. Stay at home if you can, go out only if you must. Over and over I also see everyone looking at their phone when out and while shopping. Do not use your phone when you are out, it is a major source of contaminant.  Enjoy your time at home and employ a few of my tips to keep yourself occupied. Be well, be safe.



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