Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chicken Behavior

I've really enjoyed getting to know our six resident chickens.  It's been nearly 2 months since we got our little hens.

I went out one day and it looked like I had a field of dead chickens.  Apparently in the afternoon, the chickens love to dig a little hole and given themselves a dust bath.  Laying on their sides motionless and hunkered down it appears they are dead.  I guess after they toss on the dirt they let it soak in for awhile.

I've learned what chickens like to eat.  It can vary from chicken to chicken.  I read that giving black sunflower seeds is good for a molting chicken.  Unfortunately, my one molting chicken really didn't care for them.  Several others LOVE them.  They all seem to like chopped greens, tomatoes, and peaches.  We're very lucky that they devour STINK BUGS>  a new way to dispose of them.  Their favorite supplemental foods are corn on the cob, cooked oatmeal, and noodles!

Chickens are fun.   


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