Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour

Jessica had 50 chickens in Africa!
Yesterday we managed to make it to six farms on the annual  Meet Yer Eats Tour.  Cindy and I had a special friend with us from Africa.  It was fun to watch Jessica interact with animals she had not seen before. 

We headed out down 250 E to Ted's Last Stand.  We enjoyed the diversity of Ted's farm; the lovely flowers, Beehive, monster Rooster, and crazy sweet Donkeys.  A lovely setting with a pond, Ted's was a great place to start the tour.

We hated to leave Ted's but next we traveled to Grubby Girl Meeting House Farm.  I always buy a few shrubs from Amanda.  I love her house and beautiful gardens and could easily live in such a secluded and peaceful place.  Her soaps smell divine and each are a lovely farm theme design.

Off to Poindexter Farm where I brushed up on my chicken knowledge.  An educational farm experience with loads of kids helping with the daily egg collection.  Perfectly beautiful far reaching open countryside made you take a deep breath and appreciate life!  A great farmer with some hands on for the kids.

A pure red Zinnia
Forrest Green Farm was out next stop.  Specializing in herbs and produce, the most intensively landscaped farm on our stop - beautiful.  An educational lecture about herbs was in process that sounded really interesting.  We were in a dash to see other farms so didn't stay but I would be really had loved to hear more about the nutritional usage of herbs.   Grabbing some tastes of hot teas and homemade dips (yum) we were on our way. 

We buzzed back West on I-64 to get to a farm on 20 S.  On the way and after lengthy conversation about how long it took to get to Carters Mountain Apple Orchard, we zipped up the hill to grab lunch - homemade Apple Pie.  I was happy to finally see this popular local attraction and the pie hit the spot.  It was a little misty but this only added to the view.  The fog rolled out long enough to get a wonderful peek at the surrounding mountains and valley.  I can understand why they have Sunset on Carters every Thursday in the summer!

One of the many Goats at Caromont Farm
We were on our way to Bellair Farm.  We were Mesmerized by the lovely 900 acre farm spread and huge CSA garden plot.  On entry we wound around rolling hills of farm acreage which led to the beautiful home on the hill, veering off to the barn, by now it was pouring rain.  We dashed into the barn where I purchased some lovely organic eggplant and garlic.  Because of the rain and because the farm is so expansive, we were driven around the farm by one of the farmers.  The best tour of the day, viewing the stunning countryside and organic crops, meeting the chickens, and watching the young pigs run in the mud and fields.  They were loving the RAIN.

Our last stop was Caromont Farm where they raise Goats to make delicious cheese.  Oh boy was that cheese GOOD.  We were given a tour of the cheese making process and peeked into the cheese making room.

What a great way to spend a day.


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