Friday, September 2, 2011

Saving your Dollars

Seasonal sales can be so sweet. 

$2.00 for shorts - C R A Z Y
Check out these cute shorts I picked up at Marshalls today.

Billabong Shorts - $2.00, saving $38.00 off Retail.  These Men's Swim Trunks were a steal and are great for sloshing around in the chicken yard. 

Some good deals can be found in the Men's Department for Women.  I routinely buy Men's swim trunks because they fit me well and are lightweight.  I look for the type that does not have the strange webbing inside and with a pocket for my camera or cell phone.

Wow, 2 pairs of shorts for $9.00.
I love these cute navy blue plaid shorts.  They fit me amazingly well and plaid seems to never go out of style, especially in UVA-ville. 

I'm now ready for next summer, spending only $9.00 for both pairs of shorts!

Thanks Marshalls.


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