Monday, May 16, 2011

Teeter Triples

It's been 14 months since Harris Teeter has offered triple coupon week.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Beginning this Wednesday, May 18, for one week, Triples are BACK.

All coupons UP TO a face value of .99 will triple.  This means big deals on many items and very often a free deal.  You can only present 20 coupons each day so be mindful of that limit (I have exceeded it and it's a bummer when you do).

It's time to stock up.  Break your trips up over days so you won't be overwhelmed.  Some popular items may be out of stock and, if necessary, the best time to go is around 11 pm when they are restocking (the added bonus is that the market is empty and you can concentrate).  Some of the most helpful Teeter employees are the stockers!

I also noticed that Target is offering a $5 gift card when you buy Purina Cat Food and Tidy Cats Litter Pail, this makes a good deal if you also present coupons.

It's gonna be a fun week.  Have fun - my Friday deal wrap up will be a good one for sure.


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