Monday, May 23, 2011

Coop de Cville

Triple decker coop - WOW
Saturday I loaded my vintage bike into my vintage truck and headed to downtown Charlottesville for the first annual Tour de Coop Bike Ride.  Be sure not to miss Ian Ayers video trip recap on that website!

It was loads of fun and enjoyed by 70 bikers!
Being that I had not climbed on a bike for a "serious" bike journey since the ever so cool Moonlight Bike Ride in Charlotte, North Carolina in the 80s, it was a little strenuous at times for me.  At the end of the 2 hour ride I was last of the pack.  It was a meandering trip into peaceful neighborhoods such as Altamont, Belmont, and Woolen Mills.

There were all levels and ages of bikers, some on cool vintage bikes others on fancy top of the line serious treker bikes, and other with seats or attached cabanas for kids.  The ride was as flat as possible (given this is Charlottesville and flat is not the norm).  I was happy to get a quick rest every now and dismount to checkout a cool coop.  

Chickie a member of the family
There were many double decker coops, a few small single story coops, and most were situated on a very small amount of land with neighbors nearby.  One home in particular was lovingly landscaped with a babbling brook and pond complete with a frog.  The chickens were obviously a part of the family and they love having the coop attached to the house where they can enjoy their girls.

All coop keepers also had gardens.  Chickens and gardens go hand in hand - feed the chickens your veggie scraps and put the high nitrogen manure in your compost pile to fertilize your plants! 

Barred Rock Chicken
I'm very excited that soon I will be getting my neighbors six chickens! 

Cluck, cluck.


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