Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stitch and Chat

Jane's cute finished bag.
What does one do when they have a knitting project that is 15 years old and still unfinished.  The obvious answer would be to throw it in the trash but I don't give up easily and this is another test of my "lack" of patience to see it through to the end, no matter what. 

Lovely finished quilt.
One of the many groups that one can join as part of the Newcomers Club of Greater Charlottesville is Stitch and Chat.  A few months ago I decided to resurrect my unfinished knitting project and trudge off to my first monthly meeting.  It can be a little daunting when you don't know the participants but the women in this group have been so kind and welcoming and you can always bury your head in your work (no matter how scary the situation is or your project).  The good thing about the Newcomers Club is that everyone there at one point was new to the Charlottesville area.

Stitch and Chat Group is comprised of about 15 women of varying ages stitching expertise.  There are some amazing, and I mean AMAZING stitchers in this group.  So far Lydia, Susan, and Jane have helped me with my "beginners" sweater project (which to me seems advanced) and I have only attended two meetings.

Lydia's handmade vintage dress & photos.
I was so impressed with the little beaded bag that Susan was knitting, it was incredible.  Lydia brought in a darling dress she handmade in the 60's for her daughter, that her granddaughter wore years later.  It is in pristine condition and made of lace that just isn't made like this these days.  A wonderful quilt was passed around for an examination and a crewel embroidery piece was being made for a future wedding.

I'm truly blown away at the creative talents in this group and if you are a newcomer and have an old craft project that you have yet to give up on (as I did) or just need inspiration, contact the club and check it out!

I don't give up easily and this sweater is not going to go unfinished -- no matter what the end result (ugli, backwards stitches, non-formfitting, saggy collar and all).  I'll have to wear it to a meeting when it's done and at least we can all get a good laugh out of it.

Crewel Embroidery

I must make mention of the dessert, coffee, and tea, which is a part of every Stitch and Chat session - guaranteed to be yummy!

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