Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Deals Begin

 SPENT $22.00

PAID .25 at CVS for 7 products

Something had to have been in the water this past Monday.  I ventured out to sell an item I had listed on Craigslist with only 5 coupons in hand.  I didn't even take in ANY coupons to Kroger and ended up saving $6.00.  This is how it all went down...
Spent $22.00, Saved $32.00, and made $12.00
14 products purchased, 5 coupons presented

I sold my craigslisted wallet for $12.00, then I walked down to CVS and presented 5 manufacturers coupons, a $10.00 CVS ECBuck and a .50 ECBuck that spit out of the machine in the store and purchased 4 Reach toothbrushes, 2 packs of floss, and a bag of Starbucks coffee and PAID .25.  I knew it was going to be a pretty decent transaction but not quite that good.  In the end, I received $6.00 CVS ECBucks back. 

If I would have walked in and just blindly bought a bag of  coffee, it would have cost me $7.00.  I now have enough toothbrushes and floss for my husbands shiners for the year.
Next stop was Kroger.  I purchased a few items and looked at my receipt - darn that Kroger - they once again didn't give me the sale price for two items.  The good thing about Kroger is that they refund your money if the price you pay is not correct!  So I got some Parmesan Cheese and Seltzer for FREE. 

Check your receipt in Kroger, this is not my first time catching wrong price ring ups.

Last stop was Michael's.  They have regularly been printing 40% off, 50% off coupons in the newspaper.  This week the framing department was INSANE because they published a 40% off and a 25% off coupon on top of that.  I didn't have anything requiring framing but did need a special frame for a photo of my Grandparents that my mom gave me for Christmas... so it happened to be 30% off and then I used the 25% off coupon in the paper, getting a NICE $7.00 frame for $3.70... and the register spit out a coupon for 50% off my next purchase... allowing the deals to go on...

I would love to hear about your deal - share your blog link below if you have one! 



  1. Great shopping! $0.25 at CVS with a bag of Starbucks coffee! Love it!

    Please feel free to link up your shopping trips on Wednesday's

  2. dang, girl! you cleaned up! :)

  3. Rock on! I love saving $$. I'm a big old deal watcher. Love Catalinas - even my husband gets excited when he hears the machine spitting them out at the end of a transaction.

    I rock at my local Jewel and Dominick's - getting 50-70% off each trip. But, I'm VERY new to Walgreens Rewards and CVS Extra Care Bucks.

    I like your blog :) And, I'm following you now.
    See you in the Etsy Labs.
    Dana at CafeD


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