Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Craft or Not to Craft

At the moment, I am chewing on a wonderfully delicious Cappuccino Creme Wafer Stick - OK, this is my 2nd one --- 3rd one coming up ---

Crafting a blog is not always a simple thing.  The ideas always seem to come, that is not the problem, it is the logistics of it all that can, at times, drive me nuts (or to personal injury).

Sweet and innocent gift tags
Today I decided to recycle my lovely Christmas cards into something useful.  It's a shame to just pitch them along with thoughtfully crafted messages in the trash.  I went online and proceeded to find all sorts of neat ideas describing how to convert your cards into various objects but most required sewing (gluing was challenging enough) or combining my cards with even more paper.  So I came up with a quick and dirty way to create cute gift tags for next years presents.

Some people have a patient mind and are totally at peace sewing and crafting a plethora of goods.  I love the end result but patience is not my virtue.  I also do not have a craft workspace and that was difficulty number one.  I am amazed at the huge work spaces people have in their homes for crafts and cooking.  But when you try to tackle the simplest project, you can certainly understand why it requires SPACE.  Problem number two, my "expandable" camera tripod legs kept sinking to the ground right as I snapped the shot.

Out of camera view but a dangerous accumulation!
My limited "craft space" is my computer desk, along with a printer, keyboard, computer monitor, speakers, Stained Glass lamp, a bucket of pens, all sorts of paper, and a cup of tea.  It was quite a challenge to keep it all out of the camera shot. You think that a simple little gift tag project would take up the area the size of a place mat and no more, but when you trip over an expandable tripod holding the light source (a Stained Glass lamp) all the while keeping your beverage close at hand (in retrospect, does any of this sound like a GOOD IDEA) disaster is bound to be looming.

After the near loss of my treasured Stained Glass lamp, the submersion of my computer keyboard, the continual struggle with my camera and the handy dandy "expandable" tripod, and the drenching of the Christmas cards, I'm about to rip my hair out (as I reach for another Cappuccino Creme wafer).

This is what craft tools should be used for!
I'm exhausted.  I think the process of creating the cute gift tags will have to wait until another blog posting and my other crafty knitting project will remain jammed in my closet and will not be addressed for a long, long time. 

Pass me another wafer (something I'm good at) that only requires a small amount of space and a chewing mechanism! 


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