Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And a Stinky 2011 to YOU

Enough of the Stinkith!!  I can't take it any longer.  I am reasoning with myself by thinking... Simmer down, it's alright, they are only STINK BUGS.  They won't stinkith on you unless you squish them so be kind.

I should have known they were going to be trouble when the cats wouldn't even play with them, much less dine on them.

It was so much easier this summer when all the doors were open and I could just swoosh them up and toss them out.  This time of year the cold air blasts into the house when I "free them" so I've resorted to popping them into our compost bucket in the kitchen until it is taken outside to be dumped.  At least there is food in there for them!

Today I found one in my hair brush!  I'm glad I didn't brush my hair or the stinkith button would have been pressed.  They have almost become pets in our household.  The other day I was carrying one around on my shoulder and didn't know it.  Yesterday one was sitting on the couch beside me!  He looked entertained by the movie playing on TV, "Winged Migration".

I took out a book of the book shelf beside the "always opened in the summer patio door" - need I even finish this sentence --- after removing all books on the shelf, the bugs were in the hundreds and they were stinkith'in to high heaven because we were panic sweeping them into the dust pan in order to kindly shovel them into the compost bucket for immediate removal to the great outdoors.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug was first imported to Pennsylvania and it is reported that nothing likes to eat the stinkith so they will be with us from now on.  I will say that last year a spider set up camp on our back porch and was enjoying the STINKIES - YAY - One unreported predator.  Needless to say, the spider was permitted to STAY.

(cat laughing) - U want ME to eat THAT.
I'm going to stick to my "be kind" motto and not kill the stinkies, now that they have become my friends.

Happy Stinky 2011.



  1. Where are all these little critters coming from? I haven't seen any this winter. At least you are keeping your sense of humor, Rebecca! Maybe you can start a stink bug training school? First lesson: how NOT to catch a ride on your teacher's shoulder! Good luck with those little thangs.

  2. At our house, all stink bugs are given one syllable names as soon as we see them. John, Steve, Jeff, Sue, Mike, etc. You know one of us has found a dead one when you hear something like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JEFF!!! NOOO!" wailed from the next room.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not Bob --- beating my fists on Anthony's chest.

  4. Stinkith Bug update -- It is almost Feb and if you have been seeing more Stinkithies, it's because they have come out of hibernation to DINE. The local news actually said to buy a can of poison and spray them. I think this is really dumb. Spraying poison inside any time of the year is not good for your health but in the winter when your house is completely sealed is even worse! Just pick them up and toss outside - these aren't FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS - they are just little stinkithies. Good luck --


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