Monday, January 3, 2011

Packing Up 2010

No blog would be complete without a year in review

This year proved to be filled with new opportunities and friends.  Here is a little recap of the year and the changes on Forsythia Hill, our little spot of paradise.

  • Officially named our property in Charlottesville Forsythia Hill because of the groves of Forsythia that outline the area and circle our home.  It started out as a joke, giving our modest home "a name", like they give to estates in this part of the state.
  • Transplanted a host of plants from Pleasant Hill (our family home and prior residence).  Black Raspberry, Catnip, Daylillies, Red Hot Poker, Daffodils, Primrose, Glads, Peony, Sweet Woodruff, Variegated
    Solomon Seal, Iris, St Johns Wort, Oxeye Daisy, Periwinkle, Hyacinth, and Phlox. 
  • Planted 13 trees on Forsythia Hill, several succumbing to drought and heat.  Survivors include Seckel Pear, Sweet Cherry, Catalpa, Crab Apple, Viburnum, and several other shrubs.
  • Reworked the vegetable patch and harvested tomatoes, peppers, kale, basil, catnip, mint, and other herbs.  Many plants grown from seed in our sunny basement windowsill.
  • Found some great friends at the Vegan Meetup and Newcomers Club.

New friend Aarti from India enjoying her first EVER sandwich

  • Began couponing in July and recorded saving of $1,000 for the year.  Not getting too anal about keeping track of all of it so there were even MORE unrecorded $$ saved.
  • Plunged into creating Forsythia Hill Finds blog in September and crafted over 40 blog postings and over 2,000 hits.
  • Opened my Etsy Vintage Shop in October and sold 10 items.
  • Lost two dear pets, Daisy and Buttercream.
  • Staved off EMPLOYMENT for a whole year.
  • Had a really nice Thanksgiving in Roanoke.

    In the garden on Forsythia Hill

  • Ended the year with Christmas on Forsythia Hill with family and friends.
Cheers to a happy and successful 2011.



  1. I'm going to try keeping track of my coupon savings this year. Hopefully I can stick with it so I'll know how much I saved by the end of the year. But...tracking things like that always seems to slip my mind after a while!

  2. Yeah, the more you get in the habit the more you record. I have a little notepad book that I wasn't using that I jot down the date, store, total spent, and total saved. Hey could even get SMART and put it on the computer!


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