Friday, December 3, 2010

Saving your Dollars

 SPENT $6.50

This week was Kroger Mega Event which happens fairly frequently.  You get $5.00 off when you purchase 10 participating products.  Since I only shop for a household for two, it really has to be the right combination of products in order for me to take advantage of their Mega Events.  Kroger also matches coupons up to a face value of .50. So, for example, if you have a coupon for .35 off, you actually get .70 off.
Kroger Spent $6.50 and Saved $22.00
I didn't get anything for free but nearly everything was really cheap.  Never any deals on bananas - so sad.  I purchased 13 products, presented 9 coupons and several were .50 or less so matched by Kroger.  Ten products qualified as "mega deals" so got $5.00 off my total.
This was my second strike this week. 
My first trip I spent 23.00 and saved 40.00.

So, what would I have gotten for $6.50 if I had not taken advantage of the "Mega Deal" and used coupons?  Three items: a lousy loaf of bread, some Party Mix, and evaporated milk.  

If you need help getting started or have found deals yourself this week - would love to hear from you - leave a comment below. - Rebecca


  1. Love your deals!! It's so awesome to see how much you would've gotten for the same amount of money! I live in Indiana and our Kroger deals are always a week later than yours. So I had a chance last week to order some Bumble Bee tuna coupons from e bay. I plan to get 40 tuna pouches for free this week. (They have been out ALL week so I've been snatching up some rain checks.) Thanks for sharing your deals!

  2. Wow - now that would be neat to have a "week" in advance notice !! It's shocking isn't it how much things cost w/out any "deals" - ! Thanks for commenting Living Simply.


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