Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Charitable Arms Open

It's very obvious when you look at the latest newspaper ads that retailers are now trying to persuade you into buying storage bins to pack away all those gifts you gathered this holiday season.  I've never seen so many discounted plastic containers in a variety of colors and designs in all my life. 

My motto is to not accumulate MORE stuff but to swap out the new for the old so a few good charities come to mind that will take lightly abused goods.

If you have general thrift store type items, like clothes, kitchenware, and just about anything but construction type items, there are several SPCA Thrift stores that would love your unwanted items.  There are SPCA Thrift Stores in Charlottesville, Christiansburg, and Nelson County.  The largest being the Charlottesville SPCA Rummage Store on Preston, the drop off is around the back of Shenandoah Joe's Bean Roaster.  This is a great way to direct needed funds toward helping animals in your community.  Please check your local Thrift Store for specific drop off hours as this can be different than shopping hours.

May be you took on a home renovation project and have construction type items to donate.  The Habitat Store will take items such as doors, sinks, cabinets, tools, faucets, light fixtures, and even mailboxes, nails, and door knobs.  There are Habitat Stores in Charlottesville, Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Pulaski.  You may want to contact the store before you haul something large or heavy just in case they won't take it for some reason or another.  I had some plastic 70's bi fold doors and the Charlottesville Habitat Store could not take them because they had so many already they didn't have the space to take any more.  But in general, they take most construction related items.  While you are there, you can check out their merchandise and deals!

Declutter and be generous while writing off that donation to boot.

Do you have a favorite charity that you donate items to, leave a comment and share it with others!


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