Monday, December 13, 2010

Halloween in December

VelorK EuphoriLux - Laptop images and music.
Friday we went to the outdoor light installation, Let there be Light, at the Piedmont Virginia Community College.  A little encouragement from my friends got me out of the house on a cold - last day of the week - night.  Not to mention, the temptation of FOOD and Hot Chocolate kept me motivated.  It's not going to get any warmer any time soon and I can't just lock myself inside until Spring - but that certainly sounds appealing.

HERD - Cool EYES in the woods (and one BigFoot Friend).
Nineteen artists created diverse outside artwork installations.  We started our tour inside where we stocked up on hot chocolate complete with whipped cream and cinnamon. We walked down straw lined wooded paths discovering art only guided by a flashlight. 

Friends GEARed up for COLD !
We bundled up armed with two flashlights and began our walking tour.  Following trails of strings of lights placed on the ground and colored light sticks we inhaled the Winter Solstice.  Watching spooky flashlight beams bounce down trails to only disappear in a grove of trees and then later reappear.  The creative light art kept us distracted from the lack of feeling in our toes and hands.  We followed the provided map and ended back inside where we had some pumpkin bread, cookies, and hot cider.  We all agreed it was an interesting event and the below art installation and music accompaniment was our favorite. 
- Rebecca

The Language of Water - John Grant

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