Friday, December 17, 2010

Dedication of Lights

Saturday, my fellow Siamese Rescue volunteer and friend, Jennifer and I attended Dedication of Lights at the Virginia Siamese Cat Rescue Center in Locust Dale, VA.
The Siamese Cat Rescue Center of Virginia has saved nearly 700 cats in 2010 ALONE.  It was my privilege to work with the Siamese Cat Rescue Center when I was the Director of the Pulaski County Humane Society.  They were a very organized group and they were responsible for saving many surrendered Siamese that would come into our kill shelter.  This freed up kennel space for us to save other breeds of cats.

Virginia Siamese Rescue Center

Lilly is available for adoption.
The center is a very interesting place.  Basically two kind souls have converted their home and spacious garage into a Siamese adoption center.  It's pretty serious business, having computers located in the kitchen and cats in the two-story climate controlled converted garage. 

Of course the homeowners have many Siamese of their own, several that would have been euthanized and looked upon as unworthy of placement due to their medical issues.  All cats at the party were snugglie and comfortable, making an appearance for the 50 or so guests and then roaming off to find a warm window seat. 
A few of the many tags strung up.
The big holiday fundraiser for the center is to sell lights and display them as "in memory" tags at the center.  Proceeds help Siamese cats that have been rescued from kill shelters or pet owners that can no longer care for them.  Some of these cats are also in foster care homes.

To each a good night.

If you are looking for a worthy cause this holiday season.  I can highly recommend this wonderful organization.  It's full of dedicated cat lovers that go the mile to save these sweet creatures.  -Rebecca

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  1. Trish Manfredi4/1/11 8:59 PM

    You captured the incredible spirit of Virginia Siamese Rescue very well. We've been privileged to visit the center several times, once to enjoy the Dedication of Lights in December on a day that was so warm we ate outside on the deck. All the meezers are well cared for with much love. Darrell and Siri Zwemke are amazing in managing the center and the hundreds of volunteers from Maine to Florida and east to Indiana and Tennessee. We are proud to be one of the foster parent families, having fostered nearly 30 meezers, (and succumbing to Miss Ali, a delightful tortie point girl in December 2009, who was a foster we couldn't part with), and serving as evaluators and transporters too.


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