Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Laughs

Holiday Family and Friends visiting Christmas Day on Forsythia Hill

My family loves to color their hair and look COOL for the holiday festivities.  Mama w/her bling, husband with his "everything is better when wearing pink", and Cindy the grinning GUEST that got us all into this mess!

Not pictured, Dad, Gus, Sylvie, Cesar, and Simba (they all knew better than to get in front of a camera at my house).

Day 2 of  sugar attack.  Got to go and get back to it -- Lindt Lemon Meringue Chocolate Candy is calling my name.

Just a little dusting on Christmas Day.


  1. Hi Rebecca, my Mom says thanks for the card--we visited your shop briefly and right away that gold purse caught my eye :-) always looking for something like that to take to weddings! Your mom looks very festive in the yellow wig--wouldn't have recognized her without the christmas tree necklace, ha! Glad you're having fun and hope your etsy shop is doing well--I'll go back and visit when I get back to DC--Merry Christmas from Patty & Lucy

  2. Rebecca, it's great to see my wigs and hats looking SO good upon your family and friends! Love it!

    - Trisha

  3. it's great to hear from you Patty - glad u got to see mom w/her new hairdo - ha ha.

    trisha - it was CINDY's IDEA !! You have the best hats and wigs... many thanks for the loaner.


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