Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to Travel

As you can see - my relatives are animal lovers!
My blog has been quiet for nearly a week now.  I just returned from traveling from Virginia to North Carolina to visit with relatives.  It was a very nice trip.  My father and I visited with his two sisters and their husbands and several of their children and one soon to be a relative "fiance", and their pets.  I also had lunch with an old friend, Ed.

Look at the fall colors driving into Charlottesville Virginia on I64
Driving down into Charlottesville on I-64 overlook

The fall colors are PEAKING in Central Virginia.  It's just now coming on as you drive down South so you're not too late to hit the road.

Forsythia Hill in the fall in Charlottesville Virginia
The view on Forsythia Hill is changing as it gets cooler.  We were wearing shorts in North Carolina but it's back to jackets now.  Enjoy the wonderful fall colors - Get out and take a drive!   Rebecca

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  1. wow that trip would have been really fun
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