Saturday, November 27, 2010

Etsy Trunk Show

Forsythia Hill Rhinestone Mittens - Vintage 50's
8 pm - 9 pm
Online Trunk Show - DEALs and DISCOUNTs
Shop from your computer!


The annual Etsy Lab Rats Holiday Trunk Show is a sale featuring twenty sellers over two evenings and I am one of the featured sellers on TUESDAY NIGHT!
Jackthemanabouttown Frog Hat
After beating off shoppers this past weekend, I know you're ready to relax with a cup of tea in front of the computer to complete the rest of your shopping.  Etsy, IS the place to discover unique gifts.  Etsy, plain and simple, is a storefront where talented artisans and collectors of vintage sell their wares.  Worldwide, for the month of October there were nearly $30 million dollars worth of sales through Etsy.  There are over 300,000 sellers.

THIS TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY participating sellers that are members of the "Lab Rats" Team will be offering discounts at the annual "Trunk Show".

You can participate in the Trunk Show by creating an account with as a buyer (it is easy - go to and select "Sign in").  You then can purchase items at the show if you see something you like.  If you don't find something at the show, trust me, you will find something to purchase on Etsy - for the month of October alone, over 2 million items were listed.

Scrap Happie in AZ Cupcake Apron
To participate in the Trunk Show, I recommend you get your account set up prior to Tuesday, then start exploring Etsy.  To get into the "show" you will need to venture into the category called "Community" then "Virtual Labs" (the button below will take you there).  You will be entering into a new world of technology and viewing some really cool finds.  You don't have to buy anything, you can just sit back and listen and watch, but if that great item gets shown you want to be ready to grab it because many items are one of a kind.

Click on image to enter "Trunk Show"

The whole process is the coolest thing!  Email or leave a comment if you need help prior to the show.



  1. Don't miss round two of the TRUNK SHOW tonight - some really nice products were shown last night and I picked up some cool earrings at 15% off and free shipping!

  2. To see a sampling of the shops participating - go here -
    You can click on the images and enter each shop.


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