Friday, November 12, 2010

Cool Finds

One of my favorite stores for super deals is the Habitat Restore Shop in Charlottesville.  I can not even recall all the great finds I have purchased at this store and the one in Pulaski - doors, door knobs, shutters, closet organizer systems, and even cat iron andirons!  So far I rate the Charlottesville Restore as the best non-profit for keeping you in the loop by using email, facebook, and twitter to distribute information.  I am signed up via email announcement and on facebook.

There is a really HOT deal going on this week AND HAS BEEN EXTENDED through next week (and a little birdie told me that the sale cut may even get better next week)

70% Off Light Fixtures

This is a crazy deal.  I just purchased a lovely $75.00 (retail) light fixture for $14.00.  It is just perfect!  Our old bathroom fixture was rusty and appeared to be original to the house - I hate removing anything "vintage" but seriously now - this really needed to GO.  < See my before and after over on the left.  (Anyone want my old retro fixture?  IT'S ALL YOURS).

I also finally snatched up a new sink for my personal powder room for $5.00 and actually it was also 50% off but they forgot to discount it -- oh well, it's for a good cause and really now, I just got 70% off on the light so I'm HAPPY.

Tomorrow, SATURDAY, 7:30am - 4pm is FREE appliance day drop-off at the Ivy Landfill that serves Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville.  Water heaters count and we have one (shamefully) behind our shed that NEEDS TO GO!

Another super cool find was to get some brewed coffee bean discards from Mudhouse (my FAVORITE Mocha spot in Charlottesville).  I cleared the garden area and tossed in two large bags of grounds with some wood ash and crushed leaves to improve our horrible red clay soil.  Over winter it will ease into the soil.  It seems they nearly always have some bags piled up right outside the front door for you to grab -- this is only at the Downtown Mudhouse from what I've seen.  My Newcomers Money Saving buddy, Sally, tipped me on that one - THANKS Sally!

Leaf some for me (a fall joke not typo).

- Rebecca

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