Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks all Around

The other day our newbie group got together and had a nice afternoon gathering with another newcomer from India.  We talked about the Thanksgiving holiday and how it is celebrated. 

When I think of Thanksgiving, I always visualize family around a table full of good food.  If there is not some sort of mashed sweet potato dish on the table, then it's just not Thanksgiving in our house and it usually has singed marshmallows on top.  My husband was stunned when he first saw this concoction (he is from Michigan).

In a nut shell, the true meaning of the holiday is that it is a time to give thanks for a bountiful year.

I am thankful: 
1) just to be alive for starters.
2) to not have to report to a "real" job each day.
3) to have met so many nice newbies in Charlottesville.
4) to have sold my first two items in my Etsy shop this week.
5) to be fairly healthy.
6) to be married to a decent and easy to live with husband.
7) to have four sweet and so far healthy pets.
8) to be able to enjoy life and all that it offers.

I read the most amazing story in the Charlottesville Daily Progress and left me feeling so appreciative for others sacrifices and grateful:
A Thanksgiving Read.  Yes, it's a bit long, so sit down with a cup of coffee - it's gripping and something you need to make time for!

Hey ssssspppptttt, I have a sweet deal to share with you - FRIDAY after Thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY and my Etsy shop items will be 20% off.  Many Etsy.com sellers will be having sales and there are so many amazing items to discover.  See you Friday - HAVE FUN.

Happy Thanksgiving


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