Monday, November 22, 2010

The Season has Begun

We had a nice time on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall on Friday for the annual Lighting of the Tree.  It was very crowded and everyone seemed to be enjoying the crisp weather, carolers, and festive mood on the mall.  For those of you that have not been to the outside pedestrian mall, it is "the place" to bring out of town guests.  Specialty shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues line the walking corridor.  
There are always interesting sights such as people walking their pooches, vendors selling their "street wares", or strolling musicians trying to make a few dollars.  There are at least four theatres along the route and an ice skating rink that is really cool.  It was slated to be closed but fortunately it was sold so the skating continues.

We attempted to try out a downtown mall restaurant but because of the hordes of people, we had to go to our favorite restaurant in Charlottesville.  I have tried various Asian influenced restaurants but I keep going back to Tara Thai.  The Vegetarian Pad Thai is the best I have ever had.  The service is outstanding and they kindly asked if we would move because a large party needed our table and we gladly complied.  They gave us three delicious Tara Coladas (one for each of us, not three for me).  YUM.  We were very impressed with the service and our reward for simply moving.  Thanks Tara Thai.

- Rebecca

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