Monday, February 27, 2012

Lewis Ginter BOGO

A great winter time deal at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia goes through the end of February.  Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a day roaming the gardens for half off.

I love gardens no matter what time of year it is.  Lewis Ginter shows off their plantings best features year round.  My husbands favorite plant was a massive Loblolly Pine back in the Dwarf Conifer section.  I went to see the Daffodils.  It was a bit early but there were some early blooming varieties that were quite lovely.  Especially a patch of miniature yellows with a cup no larger than my pinky fingernail.

Also showing interest were multicolored Hellebore's, pink Cherry trees, Witch Hazel, Magnolia, various berried plants and shrubs, Daffodils, and Crocus,   Winter allows visitors to better view a variety of birds not only in the garden but in the ponds and lakes.  There were some beautiful Geese enjoying diving for fish and floating gracefully.  The Conservatory, a relatively new element at Lewis Ginter, is always in full bloom.  Currently showing are lovely displays of spring bulbs and a wing full of incredible Orchids.

There were also two impressive exhibits, one inside and one outside.  In the Library, Seeing Trees: Photographs by Robert Llewellyn (the last day was Sunday) and outside behind the Conservatory the massive,  Diamonds in the Rough stick sculpture by Patrick Dougherty; a Meadowmorphosis.  Children were especially enjoying the outside exhibit.

We had a relaxing day once again at Lewis Ginter.  This Tuesday the discussion will continue in Charlottesville concerning the possible addition of a Botanical Garden to McIntire East.  Let's hope it's a major part of this City owned park land.  Check out my NEW Garden Lovers Calendar on my blog for upcoming Charlottesville gardening related events.


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