Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dump Finds / Cabinet Makeover

Discarded mod collage table at the Encore Shop
Last week I took a trip out to our capped landfill.  While there I always check out the cool "last chance" store.  Formally known as the Encore Shop at the Ivy Materials Utilization Center.  It can be very hit or miss.  But sometimes I just get lucky and hit it right.

A sea of lawn mowers at the Encore Shop
You never know what you will find there - usually not much - but sometimes good "slightly worn" but salvageable items. 

This last trip I found a great retro yellow filing cabinet, two wonderful antique concrete planters, a pair of shutters, a huge mailbox in great shape, and a little record stand from the 60's.  Unbelievably, it all cost me $30.00.  I've seen the concrete planters over $30.00 each!  I spent several days working on freshing up the Record Stand.

Every now and then I get a creative burst of energy so here is my refinishing job of the record stand or should I say "our"... my husband did all the detailed parts.


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