Friday, April 29, 2011

Saving your Dollars

SAVED $100.00 in a WEEK

SPENT $30.00 SAVED $50.00

This week is SUPER DOUBLES at Harris Teeter.  I was really surprised it was Super Doubles already!  YAY.  I also picked up $5.00 of FREE stuff at PetSmart, a box of dog biscuits and a can of cat food.  I had two other coupons that I used for $9.00 off my Blue dog food.   

At Harris Teeter: Presented 16 coupons, all at least $1.00 in value - all doubled.

A few of the Harris Teeter Deals and what I paid for each:  

Eight O'Clock Coffee - $2.15, Blue Bunny Ice Cream - $1.29, El Torito Burritos - .24, Cascade Farms Granola - $1.00.

FREE - Band-Aids, 7th Generation Paper Towels, Colgate Toothpaste, and Starkist Tuna.

Harris Teeter will double up to $1.98 so a $1.50 coupon yields $3.00 off.  WOW.

I love getting Seventh Generation products discounted.  Can't go wrong there.  No one should be buying non-recycled paper products!!!!  This was my second strike, I spend $80.00 the first round and saved $50.00.  That's a total savings of $100.00 in one week. 

SPENT $80.00 SAVED $50.00 

I've always split up my Harris Teeter trips (max 20 coupons and it allows me to really scour the store).

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  1. I just found your blog and became a follower! :) Love it! :) Erin


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