Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tumblr and Taxes

TAXES are DONE.  I am stunned that it is over and so relieved.  I porked on a piece of Orange Cake and German Chocolate to celebrate... yes, two different cakes.

I was filled with so much glee after finishing my taxes that I popped over to my tumblr blog and posted a little flower series of a native plant that was blooming at the Ivy Creek Nature Center down the street from us in Charlottesville.  I'm having so much fun over on  I love tumblr, can I say that being I have a blog on  I'm not sure, but tumblr is a lot of fun if you are thinking about creating a small pictorial blog.

Anyway, check out my postings, especially of my spring flowers.  I can not stop photographing flowers, they are all so amazingly different and sweet.

Off to walk the dog - have a good day and I hope your taxes are DONE and don't forget to enjoy the cake after they are filed - you deserve it!

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