Monday, March 21, 2011

Forsythia on the Hill

Here in what is known as central Virginia, the Forsythia is in full glorious bloom.  Each day, I think to myself, today it is the brightest yet and when the next day rolls around the Forsythia manages to be even brighter.

I decided to name our property Forsythia Hill because of the Forsythia not only around our house but in the near area.  I just discovered that I can see a Forsythia shrub from every window and doorway in our house!  No other flowering plant is that prominent.

Being this is only our second Spring here and that last year at this time, I didn't own a camera, I have taken more Forsythia photos than any sane person should shoot.  I keep saying, well tomorrow the Forsythia will be gone --- but for some reason it seems to be hanging around longer than usual.  I think it's because the temperatures have been moderate and freezing has not occured.  So the camera keeps a clicking and it's taking me quite a bit of time deciding which photos I should publish.

I'm having a tough time monitoring the Crocus, Forsythia, and now the Hycinth, and Daffodils... just a hint of the Tulip flower colors are peeping from their rich green foilage.  Mother nature is tossing all she has at us right now.  It's just amazing.  I noticed the Redbud is starting to bud red!  Ok, now I'm hyperventalating just thinking about it all. 

Tomorrow I go to a Newcomers Writing Club meeting down South of Charlottesville to a home of a gardener.  I'll take the camera along, I can bet there will be plenty of Forsythia to shoot.


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