Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crocus Crazy

Someone stop me now - I just can't quit taking photos of Crocus.  They are so cute and crazy colorful!

I don't know why suddenly I am attracted to Crocus.  In our old yard in Pulaski, VA we had zillions of Crocus and I really didn't give them the time of day.  They always seemed to disappear so quickly and I didn't like where they had naturalized.

I've been studying my Crocus and realized that they must have sunlight in order to open their sleepy eyes each morning and they snap shut tightly each afternoon with the slightest hint of a shadow.  On a drizzly day a Crocus will not dare open.

My attention wanders from Crocus to the Forsythia.  It is blazing right now on Forsythia Hill.  For the last two weeks I've been taking photos, each day thinking, today it is the brighest so I better take a photo.  Only to find out that the next day, it is even brighter!

I'll be posing next week about Forsythia by then I'm sure we'll be tired of the little Crocus.  But if you need a Crocus infusion, check out my tumbler photo blog,

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