Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Flurry of Flowers

Brilliant Daffodil on Forsythia Hill
The first Daffodil on Forsythia Hill opened its eye this morning.  It was an absolutely glorious sight after a cold winter.  I can not imagine living in a climate where it stays cool or cold for most of the year.  We live in a beautiful climate where we can enjoy a short four month Winter.  It always feels like Spring will never arrive, but when it does the colors explode.

Captivatingly fragrant Hyacinth on Forsythia Hill
Today we were driving down Woodlands Drive near the Reservoir and the Peepers were so loud I would have thought it was an emergency vehicle had I not been familiar with their call (Anthony claims to have permanent hearing damage). 

We had a little pond in our yard in our prior home in Southwest Virginia and we had the Peepers stop by one Spring.  It was so loud at night it sounded like zillions were in bed with us!  

Not an elusive Peeper, but another F.H. gardening friend
Peepers throw their voices so you look all around for them and can never find them.  I did manage to spot one once after searching for 10 minutes and it was fantastic.  This miniscule frog the size of my pinkie finger nail fills his translucent little pale green throat with air to form a bubble which causes a shrill PEEP to blast out. 

Last Spring we went to a memorable Toad and Frog Class and the instructor said she had never been able to spot a Peeper, so I felt privileged to have seen one close up in action.  The class we attended last year at Ivy Creek Natural Area is being held on Wednesday, March 23 and it's FREE and is excellent for kids or adults.


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  1. what and adorable peeper and so patient to pose for you! :)


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