Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Read that Label

Hum, I'm pondering.
Did you ever think about where your toothpaste was made?  I certainly gave it little thought until a friend emailed me that Colgate is made in Mexico and Crest in the U.S.A.  Wow.  Why would you even think it was necessary to manufacture toothpaste outside of the U.S. ?  I just never gave it any thought.  When your talking jobs and the economy, well it actually does matter.  I just looked on my Tom's of Maine (just to be certain) and it it in fact made in Maine (thank goodness).

We each can make a difference by smart shopping.  Here are a few products that you might want to check the label -

I'm loving the sketchy language --- "Packed in the USA", "Distributed in PA", "Registered Trademark of Growers in the USA and other Countries" - all indicating to me that the product was grown or prepared outside of the USA. 

"Product of USA", and "Made in the USA" (or a specific location in the USA) - seem to be the only valid labels that indicate the product was picked or manufactured in the USA.

  • Pasta - Barilla, "Product of USA" in IL.  Muellers, "Distributed by... MO".
  • Raisins/Apricots - Sun Maid, "Growers of CA"  Sunsweet, "Registered Trademark of Growers in the USA and other Countries".
  • Toothpaste/Deodorant - Tom's of Maine - "Made in USA", Colgate - "Made in Mexico", Arm and Hammer - "Made in USA".
  • Canned Fruit - Dole Mandarin Oranges - "Product of China", Pineapple - Kroger, "Product of Thailand", Libby's, "Product of Indonesia" (so much for CA and FL).
  • Packaged Soups - V8, "Product of Canada" (I didn't know they had a big growing season up there - I'm confused), Campbells - "Cooked with care in the USA" (nothing about where ingredients originate).
  • Cheerios - Distributed by General Mills... MN", Mom's Best Naturals - "Made in the USA"
  • Yogurt - Stonyfield - "Made in NH".
  • Toilet paper - IS IT RECYCLED - come on people - it's for the end that is gross anyway.  My personal "boycott" is toilet paper that is NOT FROM RECYCLED PAPER.  Virgin trees are being destroyed probably in some far away rain forest just so you can wipe your bum.  How gross is that.  Am I off topic ?
Buy it local if you can - a tomato grown in your county saves the gas to ship it, the packaging, and brings tax revenue directly into your district.
Just something else for you to ponder when you make that purchase. We can't always be perfect but small changes can make a difference.

NOTE: Tomorrow TEETER DOUBLES begin!


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