Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whole Foods Mania

Tuesday, June 7th at 10 am, the Charlottesville, Virginia Whole Foods Grocery is moving into a brand new building, expanding its footprint.  The old store was not too shabby so the new store is guaranteed to be super, super WONDERFUL. 

Bare shelves in the "old" Whole Foods.
Being that I have made grocery shopping a sport, I am really excited about the new store and all it potentially can offer.  A larger communal meeting and dining area, outside dining, and of course more space for a greater variety of specialty grocery items.  I'm personally hoping for an upgrade in the coffee arena and an expansive area in which one can enjoy lunch without elbowing the person sitting next to you.  It will also be nice to not get smacked by a cart in a too narrow of an isle.  Let's face it, the current Whole Foods was so beloved that people were climbing over each other to get to the merchandise. 

Produce can still be found at the "old" store.
I remember the grand opening of Harris Teeter and Ukrops in Roanoke, Virginia.  It was a lot of fun.  Tons of freebies and fanfare.  If you have never been to a grand opening, it usually involves a lot of rolls of red carpet, sample tastings, a celebratory cake, and happy, happy employees.  Fortunately, most members of the Whole Foods staff are pretty chipper on most days, so hopefully the good time high will continue for some time.

Ok, so the DEAL NEWS is that on Sunday, June 5th beginning at 8 am, at the "old" Whole Foods store, they will sell everything that remains for 50% off.  Everything must go... it's gonna be fun.  Expect most items to be gone early, early... the early bird does get the worm in this case I'm afraid.  I plan on staking it out the night prior to see if it's worth getting up bright and early, altering my "Pancake and Paper" Sunday.

On Wednesday, June 8 at the Omni Hotel Whole Foods is sponsoring a presention by Rip Esselstyn (click here to sign up).  He will talk about his book and program The Engine 2 DietLearn to lower cholesterol, significantly reduce the risk of Western disease, lose weight and become physically fit. 

I actually started the diet yesterday - I'm hoping I can last until next Wednesday, I'll need a pep talk for sure to make it.

See ya at Whole Foods!



  1. Just in case you need some extra motivation - there's a vegan group here that does restaurants, potlucks, etc. -

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  3. Yep Chuck I have actually attended several of their events. A great group! My weaknesses are SUGAR, YOGURT, PASTA, BREAD and to top it off I suspect I have gluten issues - which is not part of the Engine 2 Diet so I am doing an even more restrictive Engine 2 Diet. So far, so good. Found some delicious fresh greens at Integral Yoga. Picked up Agave Nectar at Marshalls - it is a very good substitute. I removed my earlier post to make a note: I did not purchase greens at Whole Foods because it was not on my way home (NEW location would have been) and I had a gift card at Marshalls - FREE FREE.

  4. Greetings! I can clearly see the fact that you undoubtedly get the sense of what you are telling about here. Do you have a degree or an education which is somehow linked with the topic of your blog article? Thank you so much in advance for your answer.

  5. No degree in Education - degree in Computer Programming / Business Admin.

    I just like to try and eat healthier - I feel better!


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