Sunday, June 5, 2011

Going Going GONE

A Hardcore Shopper.
Dressed for battle in my comfy Quarks and plaid madres shorts I ventured out at 7:30 am to the Whole Foods grocery 50% off LAST DAY sale.  Grabbing the largest gym bag I could find, my camera, VISA card, coupon book and sharpening my elbows I headed out.  I felt like I was preparing for my favorite game show, "Super Market Sweep".  EVERYTHING MUST GO-- and from the looks of it, everything would GO! 
A shopper happy to get all those deals!

A swirling blur of environmental carry bags, grocery carts, earthie flip flops, cell phones, cups of coffee, and a few dogs and idol husbands. 

I knew the turnout would be good but this was down right insane.  We're talking 500 - 1,000 people in line by 7:40 am! 

Line AFTER I had finished shopping!
I was in line way around the corner standing in front of Staples and there was another line that wrapped around the other side of the store back beyond the recycle bin.  The Fire Marshall was counting as people entered and after I had made my purchases and photographed for my blog, there were lines just as long as when I originally entered the store!  Hundreds more patiently awaiting to be let inside to see what remained of the carnage.

Long lines forming, AFTER I had checked out (whew).
Long lines - worth the wait.
Given I was so far back in line, I really expected to find nothing that I wanted left but was pleasantly surprised.  I snagged 2 Grande Banilla Stonyfield Yogurts for my cat Cesar, some Jason Shampoo (my very favorite shampoo), a big jug of pure Maple Syrup (my best deal at $10.00), and a few other items.  I actually used 2 coupons before they blasted over the intercom - NO COUPONS or CHECKS - whew.  I grabbed as much as I could fit into my gym bag until my shoulder could take no more.  My strategy was to blast in, grab what I could, and check out FAST to avoid the super long lines.  It worked, I only had two people in front of me checking out!

The Dairy and Cereal isle - can u say CRAZY.
It was all so exciting, seeing people grab and stash items ranging from nuts to vitamins.  Some had come for the wine but it was long gone, one of the few items relocated to the new store.  The produce was also very sparse, only a few coconuts and some turnips!  I fled to the bakery isle hoping to get some coconut flour.  It was long gone but I remembered to snag the Maple Syrup.  I had a list somewhere but in the PANIC that was totally forgotten. 

A child carefully positioned to help steady the load.
The horribly narrow isles were jammed, one rude person pushing a Staples cart and dragging another.  I'm not sure she left the store without a black eye (and she deserved one).  Children helping by grabbing a few choice items or stuffed into the cart unable to move because of the pile of groceries (good way to keep the kid put).  A few walkers and motorized scooters clearing the way in the isles.  One woman and her husband piling their cart with Bulk Bin flours and nuts.  The frozen food section was hard hit as were the environmental cleaning products and cereals.

Gladys I think we have enough NUTS.
I was debating on going because we came in late from my cousin Drew's wedding up in Northern Virginia but I really am glad I dragged myself out of bed to see the mayhem.  It truly was fun!

I would love to go back for one more strike but I pretty much know there is nothing left but hanging store fixtures and empty shelves.  I really want to thank the Whole Food employees for keeping their cool and the vast majority being so pleasant given the tense situation.

Almost empty at 9 am!
 As an onlooker, when not power shopping, it was quite an amusing scene.

I'll be attending an invite only pre-opening Monday - oh boy, oh boy - so check back Monday night to get a sneak preview.


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