Monday, April 22, 2013

Historic Garden Week in Virginia

Peppermint striped Camelia, Academical Village Gardens, UVA

This week is the annual Historic Garden Week in Virginia.  We're heading to Richmond tomorrow as it seemed to have the most bang for your buck within our range of an hours drive from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Most important to me are extensive gardens.  Some tours focus more on the interior of the home than the exterior gardens.  I decided the Chatham Hills / Windsor on the James neighborhoods in Richmond tour to be described as being more heavy on the gardens.

We'll see - regardless, check it out, the tours go through this coming weekend and are always top notch!  I'll be publishing a follow up after the tour.

Old Oak on Forsythia Hill, Charlottesville, Virginia
Today is also Earth Day! Be kind to your planet, it has so much beauty and pleasure to offer. I'm proud to say that so far this year I've not accepted one plastic bag from any store! It's easy to carry a shopping bag once you get used to it.  Set a goal and you won't forget!


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