Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vintage Finds

Cool Fall weather and trips to see my parents have led me to all sorts of crazy finds.  I can't help myself, even with a room full of items to sell, I stumble across more treasures.

Retro Metal Amoire - before - and after sanding and painting.

Check out this 1950s era metal Armoire that I picked up on the last day of a yard sale in Roanoke, Virginia for $5.00.  It was sitting alone ignored and no one wanted it until I wanted it (funny how that works).  Luckily there were men hanging around and with a little arm twisting, the back of my Subaru once again handily accommodated another treasure.  A little Hammered Copper Spray paint and it is as good as new.  I love the retro look and it looks great in my Dining Room (of all places) with my copper color theme.  The kicker is that I had a coupon at Lowes for $10.00 off a $10.00 purchase!  Which brought my grand total for this item to under $10.00 and its life has been extended for another 70 years.

Vintage Wine Rack after sanding and painting.
I found this Wine Rack at the Recycle Center in Charlottesville.  At the time it was rusty and a bit under the weather and I did not realize it was a Wine Rack.  I only noticed the lovely pattern and grape leaves and that was enough to pitch this totally free item into the back of the car.  I mean it was just sitting there looking up at me crying... I am so cute, you can make me all better... ha ha... sooo, I took it home.   My husband decided to help me by sanding it and painting it!  I forgot to get a before photo but trust me, it looked as if it belonged in the dumpster.   The Wine Rack will soon be for sale in my vintage shop, ForsythiaHill.etsy.com since we are freaks of nature and don't drink wine.

I picked up this "Chicken Playhouse" on Freecycle.  My Subaru came through again.. we had a good laugh over hauling this home (I am lucky to have a husband that supports my habit).

Off to get busy and list items in my shop.


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