Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Trip to Scottsville, VA

Last week Hurricane Sandy was slated to batter the East Coast so the girls decided to hit the road to see the colorful leaves before they were all blasted off the trees.  We headed South of Charlottesville to the quaint town of Scottsville, Virginia.  It was a scenic drive down Highway 20 with lovely hillsides covered in glorious yellow and orange with a few splashes of red.

First stop was to travel on the last poled ferry in the United States, The Hatton Ferry.  This was the final weekend of the season to catch the ferry trip from Albemarle County to Buckingham County.  Ironically, the water level was so low (pre-Sandy) that we could only venture halfway across the James River.  Regardless, it was a lovely day and our ferry driver was a wonderful guide, born nearby, which allowed him to share a bit of local history while we enjoyed our ride.  The ferry has operated for 140 years and is still in motion thanks to the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society.

Next we strolled downtown Scottsville.  It reminds me so much of my old small town residence of Pulaski.  Like many small towns, the economy has really done a number on it but we did find one great shop, the recently opened Scrumpcious Sweet Shoppe.  Ohhhh, and Ohhhh, and Ohhhh does it ever have great cupcakes!  I was really happy to see they provided samples and man did that hook me into wanting MORE.  The White on White was the best, the Chocolate on Chocolate was no slouch.  Creamy rich icing and a soft buttery cake.  It has been a long time since I've had such a good sweet.  The reviews on the Chocolate Cake with Mint icing were mixed.  I loved it and wanted more but my friend didn't like the icing because it was Spearmint and not Peppermint.  I personally loved the surprise and love Spearmint!  The Pumpkin Cupcake was excellent but I still liked the sample White on White the best.  I WANT MORE.

Ivy coated Mennonite Church, Schuyler, VA
After devouring our sweets we were off  to Schuyler, Virginia where the creator of " The Walton's", Earl Hamner, grew up.  His home still stands as do several beautiful churches tucked into the landscape.  The Walton's Museum was closed already (darn those cupcakes) but several interesting structures remain in Schuyler.  The Mennonite Church covered in Ivy is a treasure.  We were invited in for a service by the local Non-denomenational Church group but we were trying to make it home before dark so had to pass. 

Darling Rockfish Post Office, outside Schuyler, VA.
The little Rockfish U.S. Post Office is now closed but the darling little structure still remains.  It is so sad to think this community no longer has it's little Post Office open.  Such a gem and I can imagine quite the "community center" when it was up and running.

We zipped up 29 N back to reality, but it was a nice venture back into the country, little traffic, a lot of wildlife, and little noise.  Just how I like it.


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