Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Staples Deals

Two really good Staples deals are running this week until Saturday.  You will need to be registered online and have a Staples reward card to take advantage.

Today I went and grabbed 100 FREE business cards.  This deal was perfectly timed because I was nearly out of cards that I use when I ship my Etsy Shop orders.  The selection was very good and I had many options.  The computer system is easy to use and the Rt 29N Staples staff are always great help.  You have to go to the store to get this deal, paying the sale price of $14.99 up front and getting matching rewards points.  Reward cash is mailed once you reach $10.00.

The second deal was a package of 750 Avery address labels which I use to create return address labels for my Etsy Shop orders.  This is a rebate offer, you pay up front the sale price of $9.99 and you go online and get a cash rebate mailed to you or even credited to your paypal account.  Super simple and the end result is that the product is FREE!

Thanks Staples!


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