Friday, October 28, 2011

Where has the Week Gone

It's been one of those weeks... and now it is GONE.  At the start, it had so much promise.  I was going to get the basement "vintage" assortment organized and list items in my Etsy shop and on Craigslist.

Pair of Vintage Shades for sale in my Etsy shop, ForsythiaHill.
It turns out that the search for a new pair of eyeglasses is proving to be more difficult than imagined.  Every day I hit a new shop, searching for a frame that looks good on me.  In between eyeglass searching, I did a few more things this week... 

Monday I heard Bob Woodward speak at the lovely historic Miller Center, a.k.a. The Faulkner House, a.k.a The Old Ivy Inn.  I had never been there before and discovered 19 acres of lovely grounds and a beautifully restored mansion.  Mr. Woodward's presentation was very interesting and I put a check mark in my brain to seek out his books at the library.  Later in the week when I stopped by the Recycle Center in Charlottesville and there is this wonderful trailer in the back full of discarded books!  I actually found an old book of Bob Woodward's, The Commanders.  I did the sniff test, no funky old smells and have begun reading it.  So far it is fascinating and it was FREE.

Tuesday I took a trip to Lynchburg to have lunch with the parents and Wednesday I met with my Newcomers Club Saving 101 Group.  Thursday I zipped up the 29N Bypass - yes, there already IS a bypass -- it's called Earlysville Rd - to get my hair cut and pick up some deals at PetSmart.  I had a $15.00 off coupon for $50.00 or more purchase and it really adds up when you buy bagged dog food and joint supplements.  Anyway, I saved over $30.00 with coupons.

We're staying IN - all snugglie and warm.
The week is at end and a friend ordered reserved tickets for the Fall Open House at the Fan Mountain Observatory.  It's going to be cloudy so no sky viewing but the gang wants to go anyway.  Burrr, it's beginning to feel like Winter, I just want to stay in this weekend and stay WARM. 

Off to try and list ONE item on Craigslist... we'll see if that happens.


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