Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake Hits 50 Miles East

Earthquake hits 50 miles East of our house in Charlottesville in the next county over.  - Wow -
I was in the basement on a concrete slab and I had this sensation that the walls were moving and heard the walls and objects rattling.  Our washing machine gets out of balance easily and I heard it rumbling so thought it was against the wall and shaking the house!

I ran to the adjoining room and stopped the machine before the house fell in and the house kept shaking!  I ran upstairs and the dog was barking and I scared him and one of our three cats (the other two were hiding somewhere).  I went back downstairs and opened the basement door and heard total silence.  The chickens were very still.  At this point I thought may be a bomb had been dropped on Charlottesville!  It all happened in about 20 seconds.

My husbands company was evacuated, Crutchfield, Inc.  A coworkers husband was at home 5 miles from the epicenter and pictures fell off the walls!

I just felt an after shock - not as significant, but the house swayed and rumbled. 

This is my second earthquake.  I felt one while sleeping on the floor in a friends apartment on Long Beach near the San Andreas fault.  This was much more significant.

A friend called from Radford, Virginia and her cubicle was moving.  The dresser drawer pulls were a rockin' in Roanoke, Virginia on the 2nd floor of my parents townhouse.  They felt it loud and clear.

I get nervous when it's so close to two nuclear reactors - darn those reactors.  Wish they were not so close. I just pounded down what was left of a bag of Cinnamon Goldfish Grahams - I deserved it!  Wow, those are good.


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