Sunday, November 15, 2020

Let's be safe for one another, wear a mask

 Let's be safe for one another. 

Little hikers not bothered by face masks

Yesterday I took my mother to Ivy Creek Natural area. She expected no one to be in the park and a mask to not be needed as it was getting late in the day. She was pleasantly surprised to see many hikers and families enjoying the untypical mid-November pleasant weather. The parking lot was overflowing and masks were being worn outdoors even with a fairly wide area surrounding each family group. The message that cases across our country are dangerously spiking has gotten through.

In general, safety among residents and businesses is taken seriously in the Charlottesville area. It's very much frowned upon to not respect one another and wear a mask and keep your distance. I intentionally shop at Trader Joes because they have taken the virus seriously since day one. I was not finding the same degree of mask wearing, and cleaning protocols in the larger stores. The way to keep stores open is to wear a mask and not cause an explosion of cases which leads to a lock down.

Weather so warm, bluebird explores his nest box
I was pretty amazed to see so many masks in an open park. I've heard some complaining as to how difficult it is to get a child to wear a mask. I saw no sign of this in the park and if the adults are doing something the children tend to want to do what they are doing. It's no wonder that the Thomas Jefferson Health District that includes Charlottesville and Albemarle county in Virginia has the lowest positivity rate in the state.

When I went to China in the 1980's some citizens were wearing masks. Pollution and close quarters have taught the Chinese the value of wearing a mask. It's no big deal for them, and it's becoming no big deal for us. Honestly I'm not sure I want to ever be in close proximity to strangers without wearing a mask. May be our cold and flu season won't be as severe because of the mask wearing.


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