Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Small Bathroom Redo DIY Bathroom Makeover transformation to cute Powder Room

Bathroom destruction feels GOOD.
When we purchased our house 8 years ago, we inherited a pinstriped masculine bathroom. It was located in the basement and was rarely used. Because of the tight space, we even used it less.

I'm quite thrifty when it comes to home remodeling and this bathroom was no exception. I ended up breaking even on the deal. The major expense was the pedestal sink that I purchased at the local Habitat Restore. As luck would have it, a chrome faucet was attached. It was missing one piece and the store manager thought he could dig me up one - and he did! Fortunately, the faucet works perfectly (an unknown at the time of purchase).

Hand peeling wall paper with steam iron and hot wet rags.
It was a tough decision to go with a pedestal sink, given I would forgo cabinet storage space. Once I began pulling out what was currently stashed under the sink, I decided most items could go elsewhere or fit in the medicine cabinet. A pedestal should only be considered if you are not using it as a main bathroom. We chose to transform this small lightly used room into a Powder Room.

Many words come to mind, I'll let u use your imagination.
We installed a retro medicine cabinet over the 1970's sink when we first moved in and it never matched the inherited faux walnut pressboard cabinet and plastic marble sink combo. This unit was the least liked element of the entire house, on the top of my "must go" list. Perfect for someone else, I sold this beauty for $80.00.

Large print plastic beehive faux tiles do not work.
We also had to completely replace the back of the toilet hardware and install a new seal. I'm glad my husband is handy! A plumber is never cheap. I picked up the laminate flooring off Freecycle 5 years ago, so happy to finally see it set in place.

My retro plant stand with mementos.
I sell vintage so was determined to decorate with something in my stash. I discovered two cool trophies my parents were awarded in tournaments from back in the day - a tall brass ping pong trophy of my Dad's and a golf trophy of my Mom's. Dad passed away this year and he would crush anyone that challenged him to ping pong so it was the perfect found item. I did splurge on the shabby blue round plant stand that I picked up at a Roanoke antique store for $22.00. I was not sure it would fit in the tiny space until I decided to go Pedestal.

The Powder Room / Coffee Shop
Anthony and I went through my big closet that holds many framed prints and the last one that we tried worked! I was thrilled to finally find the perfect place for our old Coffee Shop sign! Now we serve coffee in the Powder Room M-F 8-6 and Sat 9-9 (HA).

Given my bad experiences with wallpaper, I did get lazy and mandated that we only peel off 2 of the 4 walls. It works as you don't see it unless you step inside to sit and sip (HA HA).

Now we are motivated to redo the upstairs hallway bathroom, it will require more work as we want to rip out a tub and replace with a tiled shower. I'm afraid we have a few more pressing home projects next in line so this will have to wait until next year.


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