Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Monticello Levy Lion Research Sequence

The Charlottesville newspaper, The Daily Progress, has referred to my research of the Levy Lion statues that resided at Monticello in their 125 years, A Look Back article that was published today.

Every day the newspaper republishes a historic event that was mentioned in a past publication.

To read my entire research into the mystery of the Levy Lions, I'm listing the sequence of links to each one of my blog posts for your convenience:

Blog #1: The Levy Family and Monticello
Blog #2: Monticello Levy Lions
Blog #3: Historical Levy Lion Library Research
Blog #4: The Monticello Levy Lion Saga Continues, Part IV
Blog #5: 1928 Auction NYC
Blog #6: Plaza Art Auction in NYC

~ Rebecca

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