Friday, January 1, 2016

2016, It's a strange New Year

Pink flowering Quince, Rugby Rd, Cville.
As I drove downtown in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday, I was amazed at the dots of color on many of our early blooming plants. I do not ever recall my New Year being welcomed by waving pink and yellow flowers. It's a nice contrast between the dead blossoms and the early flush of Spring color. But wait a minute, it's not Spring! Sadly the pretty buds will be crushed by the anticipated January and February chill but a good freeze will kill off many insect pest populations.

Forsythia in bloom on Forsythia Hill
A few years ago in Cville we had a really early Spring in February. I didn't like it much because every plant in the yard exploded at once, leading into a lull of no bloom activity. YAWN. I prefer a gradual opening of plants, a daily treasure hunt to see what has decided to open its sleepy eyes. With the cold air pumping in from the North this week, I'm afraid this oddity is nearly over. We can only hope that Spring will stay put until its normal arrival come late March to early April in Virginia.

Dried Hydrangea blossom on Forsythia Hill
A few weeks ago while dashing around madly trying to tie loose Christmas shopping ends, a woman with Florida plates tossed a wad of gum out her car window in front of me. I was so angry, waving and pointing, and kept thinking about it for a good hour. This led me to question my reaction and ask myself why in the world would my thoughts be occupied for so long concerning such a trivial event. People over the world have bombs being dropped on their heads, are fighting back Ebola, and are starving. I remember when I was growing up my mother always said, eat your greens, little children in Africa are starving and they really ARE!

Jethro, a rooster with a good attitude.
In trying to analyze what has happened in our society, I decided that people are too quick to judge. Shooting down crowds of people they dislike because of their frustration. We have become an intolerant society. Possibly due to the use of all the electronics. You can google and find an answer to any question in 2 seconds. We just don't have the patience to deal with society that can not satisfy us quickly. Nothing seems to be right and by God if its not right then you are gonna hear about it. Face to face or through an online review.

Finding beauty in the madness.
The looming Presidential Election might just be more entertaining than enlightening depending upon who is nominated to run. The political climate in the US falls into the category of intolerance generating feelings of hatred and madness. What should be look for in a President? In looking back, the top 3 President's ever were Abe, Washington, and Franklin Roosevelt. This is an interesting list and not surprisingly, recent presidents are ranked as some of the worst in history (personally I think Jimmy should receive a better ranking but it's not based on his performance after his stay in the White House). Franklin Roosevelt served longer than any other President (4 terms). No wonder he died in office. If he were living now, he probably would have died after term 2! He ended Prohibition and got right to work when elected, making his campaign promises good.

I said no to Starbuck's red cup all together!
Nothing too strange is slated for me personally. I'll continue to sell my vintage wares, develop my garden for the bugs and birds, and try my best to remove intolerance from my thoughts leaving compassion, and curiosity in its place. Some of the most fun I had last year was from unexpected events.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Echinacea
Butterfly watching, exploration of local Wineries with the girls, and the surprise transformation of Janie the hen into Jethro the rooster! Continuing my desire to tread lightly on Mother Earth, last year I only accepted one plastic bag from a store, using my cloth bag all other times. I always carry a cup with me for those Coffee Shop trips and rarely used their paper cups. I'm planting more native plants, swapping and trading with fellow plant lovers.

Set achievable goals for yourself and stick to them! If you forget your cloth bag, just put your items in your cart and wheel to your car. You will be sure to not forget it the next time!

Wishing you a Happy 2016.


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